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Asking the Right Questions:

What You Should Be Asking Your Patients About Fatigue Associated with a Psoriatic Arthritis Diagnosis

Fatigue is a common and potentially debilitating symptom among patients with psoriatic arthritis (PsA). Rheumatology nurses and advanced practice providers (nurse practitioners and physician assistants) work on a regular basis with patients who are suffering from fatigue in addition to the joint pain, stiffness, and swelling characteristic of PsA. These patients need to be engaged to elicit information that can help them cope with and potentially ameliorate this troublesome symptom. This page focuses on important topics related to fatigue among individuals with PsA that healthcare providers should discuss with all newly-diagnosed patients.

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PsA Fatigue Pocket Guide

Asking the Hard Questions:
Fatigue Associated with Psoriatic Arthritis Pocket Guide

This pocket guide focuses on 10 important topics related to fatigue among individuals with PsA that healthcare providers should discuss with all newly-diagnosed patients.

Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) Fatigue Tracker

Psoriatic Arthritis Fatigue Tracker

This booklet serves as a tracker for patients to record daily encounters with the variety of symptoms they experience. Whether it be joint pain, stiffness, swelling, weakness, or depression, the PsA Fatigue Tracker is for your patients to document the different stages of symptoms they face each day.

PsA Fatigue Conversations

Tracking Fatigue

If you had to track your level of fatigue over the last month, what would that look like?

Rate Your Level of Fatigue

How would you rate your overall current level of fatigue?

Over-the-Counter Prescriptions

Are you currently taking any over-the-counter or prescription medications to help manage your fatigue?

Mental and Physical Work

How has your fatigue affected your ability to perform mental and physical work in the last month?

Fatigue During Flaring

Do you find that you are more or less fatigued during times when your disease is flaring?


Have you been able to exercise in the last month? If so, how frequently? What kind(s) of exercise?

Dietary Plans

Do you find that any specific foods or dietary restrictions make you any more or less fatigued?


Do you ever feel depressed or a lack of motivation when your fatigue levels are highest?

Coffee/Alcohol Consumption

How often, if at all, do you drink coffee or consume alcohol on a daily or weekly basis?

Ability to Sleep

How does your psoriatic arthritis affect your ability to sleep?

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