RNS Chapters

One of the valuable benefits offered to our members is the opportunity to engage with other health care professionals locally and gain access to unique educational activities and evidence-based accredited resources through RNS chapters.

For the purpose of networking with registered nurses (RNs) and advanced practice providers (APPs) including nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs), RNS Chapters are located all over the United States. During chapter meetings and events, members build connections and learn from like-minded professionals on a range of topics within the field of rheumatology.

As the RNS continues to expand through the growth of local chapters, we invite enthusiastic, motivated individuals with the desire to impact their communities to join or lead a chapter. If you consider yourself a self-starter, and someone who is passionate about rheumatology and the vision of engaging with other rheumatology professionals in your city, then contact the RNS Chapter Development Team today.

Current Chapters

  • Baton Rouge, LA
  • Central Texas
  • Charleston, SC
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Columbia, SC
  • Columbus, OH
  • Denver, CO
  • Manhattan/TriState, NY
  • North Denver, CO
  • NJ/Philly, PA
  • Rochester/Upstate, NY
  • South Carolina
  • Silicon Valley (Bay Area), CA
  • Southern California
  • Tampa, FL

Interested in Joining or Leading a Chapter?

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