2018 ACR Recap

A recap of 2018 ACR from RNS Board Member, Eileen J Lydon, MA, RN, ANP-BC.

Some sessions from the 2018 ACR included discussions of the workforce shortage. This was addressed in the “2030 Rheumatology Odyssey,” which included challenges and opportunities for the future. The demand for rheumatology providers will increase by 102% by the year 2030.  Potential strategies include taking a team approach and ensuring that everyone practices at the top of their scope of practice. The theme of workforce shortage solutions was also discussed in the session, entitled “Practical Uses of Advanced Practice Providers in Rheumatology.”

Some key messages regarding nurse practitioners that remain in practice include those who were being empowered, trusted, with the ability to contribute, intellectual, challenged, and whose growth was fostered.  A new NP grad spoke of how a supportive environment along with adequate educational resources helped her become a productive member of the team within six months. One frustration was described by a PA whose experience included physicians that did not always understand the role of the advanced provider. However, over time, the physicians became supportive after witnessing the value of increased access to care and patient satisfaction.