Management Partner

RNS Managing Partner: Lyons Den Solutions

Lyons Den Solutions is a full-service innovative solutions agency focused on: non-profit management and growth solutions / startup launch and revenue development / strategic consulting and assessment / applied personality based branding strategies / and software solutions.

Lyons Den Solutions: Kevin D. Lyons, CEO

Kevin D. Lyons

Executive Director on behalf of the RNS
CEO of Lyons Den Solutions

Kevin D. Lyons is a results driven senior association, marketing, information technology, healthcare education, and online community engagement executive, speaker, marketer, and software developer. Kevin has over 30 years of experience in successfully conceptualizing, implementing, and supporting cost-effective, sophisticated, and measurable solutions. The last five years have been focused on nursing education and professional development, patient advocacy, fitness and wellness marketing, and conversion strategies, and faith-based events and communities. Kevin is an early adopter and implementer of social media, social networking, and online community development in marketing, conversion, live event, membership, and brand positioning strategies. Through his vertical specialties of healthcare education, business training and education, fitness and wellness, and cause-based non-profits, he has helped launch 9 start-up companies and has consulted and coached many others. Throughout his career he has been responsible for the development and management of live events with more than 60,000 in attendance, operations exceeding $100 million in revenue, membership-based communities with over 15,000 members, Facebook brands with more than 1 million likes, Twitter accounts with 80,000+ followers, online advertising budgets of $100k+, marketing databases with 10+ million contacts, CRM and web development projects exceeding $500k, and other complex multi-channel marketing and membership conversion tactics. Kevin has served in the professional roles of CEO, President, Founder, Executive Director, Publisher, Chief Marketing Officer, and Chief Technology Officer.