Giving Tuesday 2021

Giving Tuesday is soon approaching and we hope you consider giving to the Rheumatology Nurses Society Foundation (RNSF)!

The RNSF exists to empower and further the education of those entering and continuing their career in rheumatology nursing. Recognizing the rheumatology workforce shortage, the RNSF believes in educating and encouraging the next generation in the enriching specialty of rheumatology.

Through the RNSF, initiatives such as the annual Anne Strong Scholarship are made possible. The Anne Strong Scholarship is a one-year $1,000 scholarship awarded to up to three candidates selected by the RNSF committee. This scholarship has been created to acknowledge our commitment to continuing education for nurses, and further support our active members.

Each tax-deductible donation helps to provide education to registered nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians assistants, and other healthcare professionals who are engaged in clinical practice, education, research, and advocacy for the care of adult and pediatric patients with rheumatic diseases.

For your generosity and support, donations over $25 will receive an RNS hat, and donations over $100 will receive an RNS cardigan. These items are available to qualifying contributions while supplies last, so don’t miss this opportunity if you are planning on giving this year! Donate on Giving Tuesday, and give the valuable gift that equips healthcare workers to be the resources their patients need.

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