How to Help Your Patients in Your PJs

Could a day in your PJs make a difference in the lives of lupus patients nationwide?

It could if you join us for PJ Day coming up on May 2nd!

May is Lupus Awareness Month and as a rheumatology nurse, we know you want to show your support for the brave patients you serve each day. The same was true for our own RNS president, Iris Zink.

“I have a lot of very sick patients and I worry about them all the time,” said Iris. “They are so grateful and wonderful that I wanted to do something in honor of them.”

So she came up with a creative solution to show her support: a pajama day at work. The idea was inspired by Iris’ patient, Rebecca Lehotzky, who could only fully convey the depth of her symptoms to Iris by reporting the number of days she didn’t have the energy to get out of bed–what she called PJ days.
Iris’ idea was simple–she hosted a PJ Day at her clinic, inviting her staff to donate $20 in exchange for a whole work day in their PJs.

It was fun, effective, and raised awareness for this devastating disease. As soon as the other members of the RNS and our friends at the Lupus Foundation of America heard about the effort, they wanted to join in–and national PJ Day was born! It’s a friendly competition between clinics with all funds going toward lupus research. And best of all, you’re invited to join us!

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Host your own PJ Day at your office or clinic on May 2nd.
  • Simply share the idea with your team, ask them to commit to donate $20 each, then visit the PJ Day page to let us know you’re participating.
    That’s all it takes–just sign up and then prepare to enjoy a day of comfort in your cutest PJs!
  • Be ready to answer questions from patients who are wondering about your interesting attire, too. This is a huge source of lupus awareness! And if they’d like to contribute, you can point them to RNS PJ Day page where we’ll be collecting donations for lupus research all day long.

A day of comfort and a sign of solidarity with your lupus patients–that’s what we call a win-win! Not to mention a chance for us all to rally together to raise awareness and funding for lupus research nationwide. Will you join us? Click here to host your own PJ Day now!