Press Release: Rheumatology Nurses Society to Launch Rare Diseases in Rheumatology Spotlight in September 2024


Rheumatology Nurses Society to Launch Rare Diseases in Rheumatology Spotlight in September 2024

SARASOTA, FLORIDA (February 29, 2024) – On this Rare Disease Day, the Rheumatology Nurses Society (RNS) is excited to announce the Rare Diseases in Rheumatology Spotlight campaign in September 2024. This pivotal initiative underscores the RNS’s dedication to enhancing awareness, education, and support for rare rheumatic conditions, aiming to deepen the healthcare community’s understanding and empathy for those living with these diseases.

The campaign will unfold over the course of September, spotlighting the complexities surrounding rare rheumatic diseases through an array of educational content, patient narratives, and updates on the latest therapeutic options and resources. This effort reflects the RNS’s ongoing commitment to empowering rheumatology nurses and advanced practice providers, equipping them with the knowledge and resources to offer unparalleled patient support.

RNS President Karen McKerihan, MSN, NP-C, stated, “This campaign showcases our dedication to the rheumatology community. By spotlighting rare diseases, we deepen awareness and emphasize education and advocacy’s role in enhancing patient care. We aim to educate and inspire action within our community, ensuring that those living with rare diseases receive the best possible care and support.”

RNS Executive Director Kevin D. Lyons added, “Education is at the heart of what we do at the RNS. This initiative is a prime example of our commitment to advancing the field of rheumatology nurses and advanced practice providers by focusing on areas of need, such as rare diseases. We are excited to launch this initiative and look forward to engaging with our members and partners on this vital topic, enhancing our collective ability to provide compassionate, informed care.”

The RNS invites its members and the broader healthcare community to engage with this significant campaign. By coming together, we can elevate care standards for individuals living with rare rheumatologic diseases, making a meaningful difference in their lives and health outcomes.

About the Rheumatology Nurses Society:
The Rheumatology Nurses Society (RNS) is a professional organization dedicated to developing and educating nurses and advanced practice providers in rheumatology. Our mission is to enhance the care of patients with rheumatologic diseases through exceptional nursing education, research, and advocacy. With a vision to lead nurses to excellence in rheumatology care, the RNS continues to be a pivotal force in the field, fostering professional development and community among its members.
Please watch our website and official communications for future updates on the Rare Diseases in Rheumatology Spotlight and other initiatives. Your engagement and participation are vital as we strive to advance patient care and education in rheumatology.

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