“Putting it into Practice” | A Recap of the 2019 RNS Conference by Heather Sodee

Written by Heather Sodee

Days of education, networking, and fun. Everything that nurse dreams of when attending their professional organization’s conference and the 12th Annual RNS conference did not disappoint. As a new nursing leader and new nurse in rheumatology, I had my mind blown away and was in knowledge overload. I am still trying to process how I want to implement all the information that I obtained.

As I write this, I am struggling to decide which session was my favorite as I took away so much information from all of them, but what that stands out to me the most was the session on Essential Infusion Therapy Skills. I currently oversee a nine-chair infusion suite. I have never managed an infusion center before and have been learning daily. This educational session provided a solid framework in what skills infusion center employees should have, safety information, and equipment to ensure efficiency. What I appreciated most were the continual reminders to reference our state nurse practice acts.

Putting it into Practice

Upon my arrival home, I learned of a significant safety issue that occurred during my absence. I was able to take my notes and recommendations from this session to sit and debrief with my clinical staff. We have since ordered new safety equipment and reevaluated our processes. Without the knowledge provided in this session, I am not sure I would have had the knowledge to implement the changes or have the evidence to demonstrate the need for changes in our practice.

This session was part of the basic skills track. The information provided was anything but basic. The demand for infusions is growing daily, and I am excited to see what new infusion information will be provided at next year’s conference!