Racial Disparities in Healthcare: Be Informed, Protect Your Patients

While our current pandemic health crisis may be shining a new light on racial disparities in healthcare, minority patients know this is not a new phenomenon. During the 2021 Rheumatology Nurses Society (RNS) Virtual Spring Summit, Danielle King, MPH, PhD(c) shared in this important session, the historic implications of racial disparities, the exacerbation of disparities due to COVID, and how you as a nurse can help eliminate gaps of care for these patients.

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The Impact of Bias, Discrimination and Racism on Health Care

Faculty: Lynn C. Smitherman, MD

This timely and important keynote will provide information about the historical events leading to the existence of structural racism in this country and how it has permeated the healthcare system. The presentation will begin with a series of definitions to provide a shared mental model to the participants, followed by examples in the medical literature of how bias, discrimination and racism have affected health care both on the micro and macro levels. Finally, recommendations on how to recognize and confront bias, discrimination and racism in health care will be provided.



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