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Explore a profession in Rheumatology

Interested in shadowing a rheumatology professional and exploring the possibilities of this career? Shadowing a rheumatology professional is a great way to experience firsthand what it is like to work in this unique specialty. With this opportunity you will be able to observe how providers interact with patients on a day to day basis as well as ask important questions regarding their schedule, how they may stay current in their profession, what their work/life balance looks like and more.

Apply today and get connected with a provider near you. We are thrilled to see how this job shadowing experience will impact your future career in rheumatology.

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Become a mentor, host a shadow day

Are you a rheumatology practice or professional interested in mentoring a fellow healthcare professional? Our goal is to establish a network offering hands-on experience for advanced practice providers (APPs) seeking a career in rheumatology.

Connect with us today and offer your time and expertise to bolster the future generation of rheumatologists.

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