There is Rheum for You

The RNS is engaging in the issue of the rheumatology workforce shortage through effective initiatives focused on education, recruitment, the retaining of registered nurses (RNs) and advanced practice providers (APPs) in rheumatology, as well as enhancing healthcare practice efficiency.

We understand the need for recruits in the workforce and are working to address the looming shortage. Our goal is to provide the best resources for the healthcare professional so they can provide the most expedient care possible to their patients.

We plan to execute the mission to solve workforce shortage by launching several approaches to recruitment such as:

– social media awareness campaigns on rheumatology
– tuition reimbursement opportunities
– internship programs
– introduction to rheumatology courses
– assistance in job placement through a database of rheumatology
workforce opportunities and more.

The RNS gets closer to solving the problem and providing solutions to the workforce shortage with your support.